• Painful Performance Reviews?


    In mission-critical situations, doctors and astronauts rely on checklists.

    What if people managers had checklists -- for performance reviews?


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    Don't Dread the Performance Review

    Keep your team moving forward with your consistent, year-round action

    Performance reviews are not transactions; they're the outcome of how you conduct your working relationships throughout the year. 2017 is history for many of you; there's no time like now to plan for a better 2018!


    The guide is a brief PDF that elaborates on the checklist, and includes live links to Trello and G-docs versions of the checklist, which you can copy/download and make your own. Want it?

    Effective 1:1 Meeting Guide

    Put focused conversation at the heart of your good working relationships

    You can waste a lot of time on 1:1 meetings, unless you have a strategy. A standard, goal-oriented agenda helps. And first-hand truth: when your regular conversations focus on goals and outcomes, review time is a lot less painful.


    My brief PDF guide offers access to a G-docs agenda for you to customize and use for keeping discussion notes. Get it here.

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  • Don't Dread the Performance Review:

    A Checklist for Emerging Managers

    This is my brief, simple PDF that walks you through actions to take, year round, for a solid performance review. It's $20.

  • Effective 1:1 Meetings: A Guide for Emerging Managers

    Another brief, simple PDF with the hows and whys of having excellent 1:1 meetings. Also $20.

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    (Pssst. That's a stock photo. The guides are brief PDFs for you to print, or read in digital format.) $30.

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